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The Story of Bernoullium

Bernoullium is a new, undiscovered (and entirely fictitious) element of the periodic table.  


Students of scientific history know that Daniel Bernoulli was a Swiss mathematician who lived in the late 1700’s and wrote mathematical equations pertaining to fluid mechanics.  Collectively, those equations have become known as Bernoulli’s Equations and today are used to calculate wing structures and lifting force of wings in aircraft.  They are essentially, the equations of lift.  And he wrote these equations more than 100 years before the first airplanes flew. 


We’ve taken a lesson from Daniel Bernoulli; he applied his work in his chosen field in a new and never before envisioned way.  We are doing the same by applying our extensive knowledge of technologists combined with new and emerging VR technologies and methods, to create technical communities for IT companies in a business way that is enduring and dramatically accelerates the engagement of the technical community for them, either within their company and/or within their customer or partner community.

Let's work together in XR to get "business lift" with Bernoullium.  Contact us to get started.

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