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XR for Business Experts

Bernoullium = XR for Business. Let us help you redefine work from the mundane to the extraordinary. With our tools, you can harness the full power of the Metaverse to transform. Open new pathways to connect with customers and partners, achieve new heights in productivity,  discover new opportunities, and expand your business to previously unimaginable levels of innovation.

Our Services

Our Services

XR Advisory Consulting Services

We provide consulting and advice on applying VR|AR|XR solutions within your business. We are experts in XR for work. We do world-building, application development, 3D video and object creation, advanced customization, and platform integration.

XR Enterprise Management and Integration

We are builders and enterprise integrators. Our skilled consultants are experts in enterprise XR hardware and software solutions. From device management (MDM), configuration, security, and collaboration - together we move from architecture to execution in virtual reality.

XR Pilot and Event Services

Get started today with a pilot or curated event. Bernoullium has helped some of the largest companies in the world pilot XR technologies. We can supply everything needed to get started from VR headsets, Metaverse applications, onboarding, and full event planning and execution.

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